Cheating Partners The Tell Tale Signs

A cheating partner will go to almost any lengths to conceal their infidelity, making extra-marital affairs extremely difficult to uncover and prove. Adultery can turn even the most loving and committed partner into a seasoned and well practised liar who is adept at covering their tracks and concealing evidence of the affair.
Fortunately, there are a number of signs to look out for that may offer strong clues that your partner is cheating. Whilst none of these offer solid proof, they may give you enough reason to confront a suspected cheating partner, or employ the services of a private detective to help confirm or disprove your suspicions. Mobile Phones and Laptops Cheating partners can often become very secretive about their communications. After all, a romantic text message, email or chat history, might be one of the few pieces of solid evidence to prove their indiscretion beyond doubt. An adulterer might suddenly start leaving the room to take phone calls or take special care around their mobile phone, locking it with a pass code, or keeping it out of reach entirely.
Laptops also retain vital evidence in the form of emails, search and chat histories. If your partner suddenly seems overly-protective over their laptop or mobile phone it may be a sign that they are cheating. Personal Appearance A change in personal appearance could be a strong sign that your partner is cheating. Perhaps they have suddenly begun wearing a different brand of aftershave, or paying more attention to shaving and personal grooming than usual. The sign could be as subtle as the unexplained appearance of new items of clothing or jewellery. Unusual smells, particularly of new soaps or shampoo might be an indication that your partner is bathing or showering before returning home. Similarly, showering at unusual times might be an attempt to conceal the affair. Mood Most people assume that a cheating partner might become distant, uncommunicative or seem anxious and pensive. Whilst this is true for those who find the guilt of having an affair difficult to live with, others find an extra-marital affair can feel thrilling and exciting. They may become overly cheerful, or begin paying you more attention than usual. Neither of these is solid proof of an affair, but it might offer enough reason to confront your partner about their sudden change in mood. Watch out for an overly defensive response if you choose to do this. Work Schedule Sudden changes in work schedule could indicate your partner is being untruthful about their whereabouts. Working late, meetings and business trips all provide plausible excuses to cover up a tryst. A cheating partner may also tell you they are going out with friends. In both cases they may not be specific about who they are going out with, or provide sketchy and vague details about their activities. Sexual Habits Just like changes in mood, an affair might also cause drastic changes in sexual habits. Most people would assume that a cheating partner might become cold, withdrawn, or uninterested in sex. For many this may be the case, but others may find that the excitement of an affair leads to an increased libido. Find out Now It’s important to remember that none of these signs offer irrefutable proof that your partner is cheating, although they may give you enough reason to confront the suspected adulterer about changes in behaviour. In many cases, confronting your partner will not enough to uncover the truth. A Cheating partners will go to almost any lengths to conceal their indiscretion and will continue leading a double life until finally confronted with evidence of their behaviour. A private investigator can provide you with the proof needed to catch and confront your cheating partner by gathering the evidence quickly, discretely and effectively.

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