Internet Affairs And Online Cheating

Over the years the internet has slowly become not just an avenue for information and business to grow but it has now helped us become more socially connected with not just the people in our geographic area but with practically anyone around the world who has internet access too.Because of this ease of accessing information the internet has (in)directly created a new avenue of for cheating online. According to the latest statistics twenty percent of divorces involve Facebook.There is an increase in the number of cases that use evidence gathered through social media services and social networks have become the new haven to meet potential partners. Thus we have new terms in our lexicon: online cheating and internet cheating.This is a survey result done by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. It has become quite common now that there are already a few websites dedicated to cheating online or internet cheating.The members of these websites discuss and share the details of their life stories and help give emotional support to each other during these very trying and difficult times.More and more people realize that cheating now is more like a keystroke away and not sitting in a next bar stool. But as the issue of cheating online rages on, many people are also asking the question what is really cheating online? If we are going to tackle the word cheating in its most broad sense then perhaps it gets simpler to define.It is considered cheating when a spouse or partner go against the agreed upon type of contact that they have with other people. When someone goes against what is considered appropriate contact with others then that’s when people feel betrayed.Others may argue that logically it does not make sense if no physical contact takes place because “nothing happened” but it also cannot be denied that emotions may have already started to shape and take change and feelings are no longer the same for the partner.Remember, relationships are not logical because they are based more on the emotional. Cheating online now is more rampant because technology has made it so much easier for people to “hook up”.One search for a dating site in any search engine will immediately give you millions of results. With online cheating it is also easier to conceal one’s real identity and build a whole new different person. For others who have a Facebook account, the fantasy of reconnecting with the “one who got” away can always have a strong emotional pull and making it hard for people not to stray. Cheating online can have so many triggers though and it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact reason. But the good news is that help is out there in the form of websites that offer services that monitor the social networks your loved one may be sending time in. Of course, the best way to avoid it is to never lose touch and connection with your partner.

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