What Can Turn a Perfectly Faithful Woman Into a Unfaithful Woman

It is often shunned at if a woman has an affair or fling or someone on the side is it really justified? Morally speaking it can be argued upon but there are always reasons why women have affairs, some have married at a very early age to their first love and now feel when they get to a certain age in life that they would like to date another man. Some women feel that the essence has gone from their relationship or their partner just sits there in front of the TV and is now a couch potato demanding that the little lady in his life make him a drink or gets him something to eat with out giving a care in the world that she is a beautiful being still craving the love the hugs and the kisses he once gave her in the early years of their relationship though she is still giving him affection it seems it is being given to no avail to a hardened man. When we women try to explain ourselves to our other half’s we get a look like god woman i am out working all day and you want me too give you loving, but what about my needs? partner. What of the woman who is being abused in her relationship she married out of love he was so loving and kind and generous in the early days now his true color have reared it,s ugly head she feels trapped and has had children they are still young she is fighting with her own head she is debating the best option for her and her children, she is being strong holding back the tears keeping a smile on her face so the children do not pick up on her internal hurt. The thing is children do pick up we as adults seem to think they do not have an awareness of what is happening around them they do know even if they cannot explain it in plain adult terminology. You are still toying with the possibility of leaving your unhappy life maybe thinking of having a affair you sense it is easier said than done but deep down inside you know one day you will step out of your empty void into the arms of another man. You have some clarity and you pluck up courage to have a heart to heart with your partner and you tell him exactly how you feel in regards to the relationship you even say let us go to marriage guidance but you get a vacant stare back or you are made to feel you are going mad made to feel your are not talking sense made to feel small again so yet again you put you again on the back burner. You feel that the eyes of the world are looking at you, you feel they know what you are going through and there is nothing you can do to stop that negative thought going round in your mind. You begin to plot your strategies on how to meet another man you know you cannot just go out on a night out because you lost a lot of your girlfriends along they way so a girls night out is a no no so the next best thing for you is a Dating site. Now you have plucked up courage you set up an account making sure it is an alias but in the back of your mind you are cautious you are thinking what if i get caught. You feel you just want some loving for now you crave a mans touch you crave a man saying you look beautiful you miss a man making you feel that you are the object of his eyes and his eyes only. You start buying sexy lingerie and you put it on and take some pictures of yourself just to see how sexy you look and to get confirmation with in your self that you are still desirable. You are now getting braver you are getting a naughty buzz out of this you feel that you are ready to embark on a affair you have stated that you are looking for fun and you have your profile on casual dating sites also stating you are looking for fun. In fact you are so confident now that if you were to get caught while having an affair you would feel justified about it. So now we can see why some women have affairs, affairs do not just happen as a thing for fun they are somewhat thought about before the initial leap. In my experience.

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