Why Is There Infidelity In Marriage

Everyday we’re faced with various challenges facing our marriages. Are we recording any headway? Can we say the problems are on the rise or are they reducing? It would be difficult to actually answer this question without looking at the state of many marriages in our society. This is one matter we would be discussing here. I am constantly stumped by this question. Do marriages today face more challenges than marriages of the past? Why I ask this is that infidelity in marriage appears to be on the rise and I can’t help but wonder if this is as a result of the rise in problems marriages now face. I’ve taken time to carefully look into this issue and I still think that marriages now are not necessarily having more problems. The actual thing that has changed is the modern day response to these challenges. One of the very fundamental things you learn about any relationship is that it requires communication to keep it. In a marriage, establishing the level of communication necessary demands that both parties spend a lot of time with each other. Here now is the core of the matter. More time is spent today at our business place than at home. It’s therefore no wonder that a lot of the cases of infidelity happen with co-workers. I was some time ago discussing with a friend and he pointed out to me one of the dangers marriages now face. This was the outcome of a research. It was found out that a high number of couples who had Tv sets in their bedrooms were prone to having marital challenges. Think about it. The couple can watch or pretend to watch a program instead of talking about an important issue. If the television were not there, the couple might have been forced to trash out the issue no matter how heated things got. This is just a little example of the current changes that may actually be blamed for the increased failures in our marriages. We have so many choices to choose from. The reason why a lot of folks are forced to learn how to cope with infidelity is because a spouse saw the affair as another alternative. In the past, there weren’t so many alternatives. folks either went to a bar or simply went on a walk when upset. The choices now are numerous, starting from the social media, to the internet and the television. Can you imagine a couple talking while one of them is engaged on a social media network? This is a common sight. How annoying can this be? The only problem we must now handle these days is opting to create time just for our partners. Our tablets, the internet and our televisions don’t sustain our lives or marriages. We should switch these off from time to time. These devices were meant to make our lives easier and not to kill our relationships. Everything we do in life is usually subject to choices. This includes our marriages. You have to decide if you want to sustain your marriage by making time for it.

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