Meet People in The New Royal Love Capital Edinburgh

Edinburgh had its very own Royal wedding to celebrate this year, with the marriage of Prince Anne’s daughter and three-day eventer Zara Phillips to rugby international star, Mike Tindall. The streets were lined with well-wishers as members of the public flocked to get a personal glimpse of the couple. The royal wedding has assured Edinburgh will be seen as a romantic city for quite some time to come. So how do you meet your own personal Mr. or Mrs. Right if you live or work ion Edinburgh?
It’s not that difficult to meet people in Edinburgh, actually. Edinburgh is smaller than London or Manchester and has good transport links throughout the city. There is a reliable bus service and even a tram service is planned for the near future.
The population of Edinburgh is around 457,000. That is enough to make for a less stressful life, but offers you a wide range from which to meet people. The city is vibrant with young professionals flocking to the offices there. The work environment is competitive and you will need to be sensible to keep a good work-life balance. Don’t be tempted to spend all hours at the office if you want to meet people and have a happy, full life in Edinburgh.
However, the office might be the first place you look in order to meet people. You can start with arranging to eat your lunch with someone from a nearby desk, and graduate to suggesting your office goes to one of the many Edinburgh bars for a few drinks after work on a Friday. Don’t wait for invitations to come to you; go out and meet people for yourself.
Edinburgh bars can be found all over the city, but George Street and the Grassmarket are where they are particularly concentrated. Here the bright young things of the city congregate on Friday and Saturday nights. So if you want to meet people with good prospects, good jobs and with a professional attitude like yourself, you would be well advised to go here to meet people.
Just be sensible. Don’t go alone or leave alone with a stranger and make sure someone always knows where you have gone. There are so many friendly, bright professionals like you looking to meet people in Edinburgh. That Saturday night out could be the start of a long-term romance. But of course, they don’t all turn out that way and there is no need to worry. Edinburgh might be landlocked but it had plenty more fish in the sea!
Edinburgh is a multi-cultural city. You must also remember that it is also home to the largest arts festival in the world. The Edinburgh Festival offers a great chance to meet people. Find a gig or two that you want to see and arrange your trip to Edinburgh with friends. You will get to know people well when you laugh along with them at the Edinburgh Festival, and we all know how attractive it is when you share a sense of humour with someone. Maybe love will blossom over the Edinburgh fringe. Go out and meet people and discover some new friends!

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