Mandap Decoration Ideas for Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

Nothing is more popping and prominent in your wedding pictures like the decor of your wedding. However, the most crucial aspect of your wedding is getting the mandap decorations right because that is where the bride and groom will be. All marriage ceremonies have the mandap as the backdrop. So, if you are getting ready for your special day, here are a few mandap decoration design ideas that you can show the Indian decor company you have hired to get the wedding decor of your dreams. Mandap decoration with a floral extravaganza Decorating your mandap with lots of vibrant and beautiful flowers is always a good idea. If you are having an indoor wedding, you can set up a dome with overhead floral danglers or floral chandeliers. You can also have suspended flower ornaments from the ceiling of the dome. The pillars can be wrapped with gorgeous flowers. Red roses adorning a mandap is a classic decoration, but if you want something unique, you can choose lilac flowers or a white and yellow theme. If you are conscious of your environment, you can settle for minimal floral decoration or make use of flowers that are locally available in abundance. Also, the structure of your mandap can be made with bamboo. You can also use banana leaves. Drapes canopy for an outdoor wedding If you are having an outdoor wedding, your mandap can be colourful draped canopy-like structures. You can even get a gazebo. Make use of colourful pieces of cloth to drape the entire structure so that it looks bright and stunning. You can add a bit of floral arrangements to give the mandap an aesthetic, elegant appeal. Mandap with a floral dome Mandap with a floral dome can be set up outdoors or indoors. However, it looks the best in an outdoor wedding as the dome represents the ceiling and against the backdrop of the blue sky and lush green, it would be a total standout. So, the mandap can have a dome made out of colourful flowers and also it can feature drape ceiling with a beautiful chandelier. The colour theme can be chosen as per the colour of your outfits. The mandap can be set up at an elevated ground so that you are the focus. Floral canopy and drape ceiling Floral canopy with drape ceiling is one of the grandest mandap designs that you can have indoors. You can use colourful drapes to create a false ceiling and from the ceiling, you can hang floral danglers and create a canopy using vibrant, fresh flowers. The mandap will appear stunning and you can be sure of all eyes just being on you and your bride/groom. Round canopy with drapes and flower decoration If you want to fully enjoy your outdoor wedding, you can choose to have a round canopy mandap with an open air roof. You can dress up the circular canopy with stunning drapes and floral decorations. You can design the pillars by sticking bouquets of flowers, hang some flowers on the circular canopy and enclose one side of the canopy with flowers. You can place the chairs of the bride and groom against the backdrop of lines of flowers coming down from the open air roof. It will appear absolutely stunning. So, these are just a few of the mandap decoration ideas for you to consider. You can brainstorm with the Indian decor company that you have chosen for your wedding to come up with more ideas. You have to remember that your mandap is the most important structure or decoration of your wedding and it has to be perfect. Talk to the decorators to discuss the theme, the colour of your clothes that you are planning to wear and your budget. Typically, decorators will make sure to personalise the mandap decorations as per unique preferences, taste and desires.

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