Summer Loving Venues For Styled Bridal Shoot In South Delhi

A wedding is a union, a beautiful union between not only two individuals, but their hearts, minds, body, and soul. It is a union of their dreams which form under their umbrella. A wedding is now no longer a simple affair. It has become a fantastic concept with more before and afters. Previously there was the only one after, and that was the honeymoon, but now things have changed, and couples want their wedding to become an affair to remember. There are all kinds of Pre-wedding shoots with both the Bride and groom together and also just a pre-wedding bridal shoot. Most the marriages take place either in April, May, June and July or November, December or January. People usually call it a Summer wedding or a winter wedding. It’s sporadic that we have a monsoon wedding in India. South Delhi weddings have their aura, and for a pre-wedding bridal shoot, there are many venues available, especially in Chattarpur. There is little doubt in the fact that Chattarpur has become a wedding hub lately. Every variety of venues are available for your pre-wedding shoot for the lovely Bride. The wedding venue and the pre-bridal shoot venue can be the same in case travel is not an option due to various reasons. Not only are there farmhouses but also wedding banquet halls in chattarpur too are available. Here are a few venues one can consider if Chattarpur, South Delhi is an option. 1. Opulent Hotels Opulent by Ferns N Petals is the latest addition in the FNP ‘Gardens’ family. It is one of the most classic but luxurious and beautiful destination weddings locations suitable for a stylish pre-wedding bridal shoot in Delhi NCR. A striking setting enfolded by the elaborate natural greenery with a unique junction of the city and luxury built on around 3.5 acres of land. 2. Shagun Farm Shagun Farms has been one of the most loved venues by FNP Gardens. It offers two options- banquet as well as lawn setting that are a perfect ambiance for all kinds of pre-wedding bridal shoots or wedding functions. The lawn at Shagun Farms, designed by various well-known wedding designers offers a unique setting every time. 3. Chattarpur Central Chhatarpur Central by FNP Gardens, previously known as Brij Greens, is one of the most considered wedding and pre-wedding bridal shoot venues in Chattarpur. It has a banquet as well as a lawn that offers an excellent setting for all those special moments. The closing banquet has a French Decor setup which looks beautiful to make your weddings moments even more special. 4. Pavilion Located on the main road, Pavilion is one of the classic venues. It has a lawn, glass hanger and a banquet hall which is noted as one of the most beautiful banquet halls in Chattarpur. Having an ideal venue to capture some beautiful moments is very important. They not only take your money and time but also give you memories to cherish forever. Happy shooting you beautiful Bride! Also Read this post : Top Indian marriages Quotes from FNPGardens

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