What Made My Wedding Successful – A Story to Remember For a Life Time

It was mid September and the favorite time of the year for me. He had invited me to a candle light dinner I still remember. It was an outdoor restaurant with trees at one side which were decorated with fairy lights. Our table has a vase with red roses jutting out of it. The whole ambiance and food was splendid. When we were done with dinner he ordered a small piece of cake. While eating it, I felt something was in my mouth. As I spat it out it was a ring covered in cream. Although I was not very happy to wear an oily ring on my finger, it was the best moment of my life nevertheless. His mom was in the hospital and the doctors had told him she didn’t have much time so we had to get married in one week so that she could be a part of it. As excited as I was, the emergency wedding was getting to me as we didn’t even have a place to live. Both of us were living at a hostel near our workplace so we decided to get a small place for us to stay in. It wasn’t easy but we finally got an apartment where we could move within a week. Now the only concern bothering me was the furniture and other goods that people need in a home. With the wedding in three days I didn’t know where to get the stuff on a short notice. We were to live in a hotel for a week after the wedding until we got the house functioning but how to manage all the household items shopping was a big question. Then I came across this otto gutschein on a website and instantly I knew what I wanted and where to go. I told my husband about the website and all the discounts they were offering and so we logged onto the website and started selecting the stuff we needed. We found so many things there that it became hard to choose but we chose the ones that matched our budget in the end. His mom also selected a few household items while my husband was very interested in their multimedia items. We placed the order and they told us the items will be delivered to our new homes doorstep. With that part done we started making short preps for our wedding which was to be held in a barn just outside the main city. It was a small affair with limited guests but it was very memorable. After the wedding we stayed at the hotel for a week until all our stuff arrived and we had it set. It was not an easy task putting things back up again but I’m amazed that the website delivered the products at the time promised and the otto gutschein literally reduced the costs for us. Everything they sent was just what he had ordered and we were happy to have taken the decision of buying all the stuff online. Our little space now looked full and complete. After shifting we threw a small dinner for our friends and close family as a house warming. All of this happened within three weeks and I still think sometimes that my wedding seems like a blur. But never mind since I enjoyed it and im very happy with my decision. Time to time we add up more things to our little home. One thing marriage gave me was a home and I love setting it up. Living in a hostel was getting very frustrating anyways. I feel like I’m very lucky to have a home to come to.

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