Why a Mobile Bar is the right choice for your wedding

A wedding for many is the biggest day of their lives and as such, everything must run as smoothly as possible. Understandably, you would want to have as much control as possible over the proceedings. That is why many people are now choosing to take on much of the organising themselves as opposed to using the services of a wedding coordinator. Organising your wedding yourself means you have complete control over things like menus, entertainment, seating plans, and last but not least the budget. Now all this organisation doesn’t come without a certain amount of stress and as such you need to do everything to keep that to a minimum. One way you can enhance any wedding is by taking advantage of wedding bar hire in Manchester or anywhere else. So within this short article, we will try and highlight some of the reasons why a mobile bar is a right choice for your wedding.

A Mobile Bar is Convenient

When planning your wedding, it’s important to choose a bar that is convenient for your guests. A mobile bar is a great option because it can be set up anywhere, making it easy for your guests to get drinks. Plus, since it’s mobile, you can choose the location that best suits your needs. This flexibility is a major advantage of choosing a mobile bar for your wedding.


I’m sure we have all been to wedding venues where we have taken a deep breath when presented with the bill for a round of drinks. One of the disadvantages of large wedding venues is that once there you are a captive audience and as such have no choice but to pay the prices they choose to charge for drinks. Because of the overheads that come with wedding venues often charge premium prices for not only alcoholic but also soft drinks. When you hire a mobile bar the prices are in the majority of cases much lower meaning guests can enjoy the evening without worrying about the cost.

You can Select your own drinks menu

With a traditional wedding venue, you are limited to the choice of drinks that they have available. Having a mobile bar at your wedding allows you to select your own choice of drinks. This is a great option because you can choose the drinks that you and your guests will enjoy. With a mobile bar, you can also choose from a variety of drinks, including cocktails, wine, and beer. This gives you and your guests plenty of options to choose from ensuring there will be something that everyone will enjoy.


The flexibility of a mobile bar means wherever you decide to hold your wedding whether it is in a marquee, barn, or your back garden it will fit right in. This means you can have your wedding in that special place without having to worry about how you will serve the drinks. Mobile bars come fully stocked not only with drinks of your choice but also glasses, refrigeration, and experienced bartenders.

The things we have mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why hiring a mobile bar for your wedding can help you make memories that will last forever.

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