Ways to Give Multiple Orgasms – The Best Ways to Make Her Climax Over And Over And Over Again

If you’ve ever wanted to give a woman multiple orgasms, you’re not alone. Multiple orgasms are like the gold pot at the end of the sex rainbow. It’s like winning the sex lottery. And you and your woman know it. The only thing is, you have no idea where to start. These secrets your woman wants you to know will wow you with nine ways to give multiple orgasms tonight. You’ll feel confident in your ability to make your woman climax over and over and over again after reading these guaranteed techniques. Foreplay – Not all women are created equal. Every woman takes a little time to get warmed up. The secret is, the more time you spend warming her up, the more she’ll explode when you actually have sex. Don’t go straight for intercourse, but have a long slow build up. Give her a sexy massage, use lots of oil, and then still don’t have sex. You want her begging you for it before you even consider penetration. Oral Sex – Most guys don’t know the basics, and that’s perfectly fine. If you want to give your woman mind blowing multiple orgasms, the key is persistence. Don’t stop. Ask her to direct you and read her body. If she starts shaking or her body starts going crazy, you’ve hit the spot. Don’t change what you’re doing, but keep going at the exact same level of intensity. She’ll be coming over and over instantly. Tease Her – This goes hand in hand with foreplay. You can start teasing her right away. The sooner you start teasing her, the sooner she’ll be begging for you, and the sooner she’ll be having multiple orgasms. Playfully use your fingers to start rubbing her without actually touching any of her sexy parts. Use your body to rub your penis up against her, letting her feel how hard you are. Using little gestures to tease her will drive her crazy and have her so hot she’ll climax like you’ve never dreamed. Start Early – You can start foreplay as early as breakfast. When you head off for work, whisper into her ear how sexy she looks and how you just can’t wait to come home to take her clothes off. Not only will she be thinking about you all day, she’ll be dying for you to come home and have sex. This means she’ll be hot and horny before you even touch her. Dirty Talk – Use this great tool to your advantage. Ask her to tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t when you’re having sex. She might be a little shy at first, but soon she’ll be directing you right to her multiple orgasms and you’ll get to not only enjoy watching her, but hearing her too. Fantasy – Every woman has a dirty fantasy. Ask her what hers is. And then, no surprises here, carry it out. She’s been thinking about that sexy fantasy for a really long time, which means that when it comes down to carrying it out, she’ll already be very excited. This is the perfect set-up for multiple orgasms. Surprise Her – Using sweet surprises will get your woman thinking about you more often. Women don’t take well to being pressured into sex, or having to think about hitting a multiple orgasm goal. The sweeter you are to your lady, the more receptive she’ll be to having multiple orgasms. Don’t Stop – When your lady has hit that climax and her body is going crazy, don’t stop. Keep going. This is when she’s most sensitive and the timing is right for multiple orgasms. Even is you’ve finished, keep pushing into her and sometimes the skin-to-skin contact is enough to give her another mind-blowing orgasm. Toys – Some women just can’t orgasm vaginally. This is where toys come in. Don’t think that you’re not a great lover because you need to use a toy. The opposite is true. Women love a man that is confident enough to bring toys into the bedroom. It’s a major turn-on. Consider anything with a vibrator and she’ll be hitting that big orgasm over and over within minutes. The secrets are officially out of the bag, and now it’s completely up to you to use them. Every woman is unique, so the same tip won’t work on everyone. Don’t give up, and you’ll see just how amazing it is to enjoy your woman’s first of many multiple orgasms.

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